About Essential Oils

Hey! It's me, DeVola again. Essential oils will change your life....that's what I was told. I just didn't get it. How could this drop of oil work for "everything"??

THEN IT HAPPENED. I was getting ready for work, to see several patients, and I felt it. The congestion in the back of my forehead, nose and ears. I knew I was coming down with some ick that was going to make my day miserable. 

So I proceeded into work, stopped by my supervisor's office, and asked the "Golden Question"- Do you have any of your oils with you? I think I may need some. So right there in the office I drank down a capsule with 3 drops each of Oregano, Melaleuca and OnGuard. In only 2 hours, feeling 75% better than I woke up feeling. 

Right there I knew....these were going to change my life. I knew I was going to use them for everything. And when I signed the dotted line to get my first kit, I KNEW I was going to share it with the world!