Is it Dusk or Dawn? How the time you eat affects your Dosha

Vata, Pitta, Kapha- New concept for you? Let me simplify. It's summer, so the goal is to stay cool, emotionally chill, and hydrated. 

  • Try Cucumber water
    • Add Fennel doTERRA oil, supports balancing of men/women's hormones. 
    • Try adding fresh or fresh-then-frozen berries from your local store, farmers market or co-op


  • Pitta: Light meals. Practice gratitude for this gift of food. Savor in the nourishment sweet fellow pitta. I personally add cilantro, coriander, and fennel during the summer months to balance my personal Pitta Dosha. Also adding "balance" Doterra oil, helps calm down the Pitta. Spearmint cools the "heat" that pitta sometimes experiences. Avoid overspice. Try to add more cooling foods like bitters- Brussel sprouts shredded with cucumber, adding a lemon vinaigrette. 


  • Kapha: add seaweed to your daily routine. Adding digestive support like PB assist, or terryzyme (see July 12th post) to bring in more digestive flow! DigestZen from doTERRA will help cool and calm this dosha, with an added support of "digesting life" emotionally. Release dairy and heavy foods from your diet during the summer this weighs your body and mind down. Add a "legs up the wall" routine to each day to replenish your adrenals, add basil Doterra oil to support the process. 


  • Vata- drink mint or hibiscus tea. Also, 1-2 drops of spearmint doTERRA oil works great for this particular time of year.  DOTERRA Serenity works great for this dosha to chill out during the summer. Try Calming foods for this dosha, chickpea salad, hummus, smoothies, add in legumes to most meals to add to heartiness to restore energy centers. Eat regularly. 

DAILY ROUTINE: breath. Try alternating nostril breathing. This balances out doshas and resets your emotions as well as cools the body and cleanses the mind.  Consider dry skin brushing at the end of your day. If it's too stimulating in the pm, try the am to invigorate your day. We're all created different, but we all need self care. Grapefruit oil from doTERRA is luxurious for dry brushing, but stay out of the sun *72 hours if you dry brush with this oil during the summer. 

SOME oils I love to add during dry skin brushing summer season:

  1. Clary Sage- this is nourishing and soothing for the skin.
  2. Coriander- this is brightening to the skin, and leaves the skin soft and smooth.
  3. Spearmint- more balanced to most doshas. It supports decreasing water retention by way of it's Carvone constituent. 

To learn more about your Dosha and how to eat with the changing seasons, take your dosha quiz here: DOSHA QUIZ


Stay Healthy my friends,


Casey Pyle