The Importance of Being Honest...With your Food

Honesty in food is a rather touchy subject... The simplest way to keep your honesty in the grocery store is to stick to the outside aisles.  The processed foods are always on the inside aisles so if you just steer your cart to the right the whole time, you'll be good!  Right?... To go along with your new shopping cart dance, here are some yummy recipes that can be made from only walking the outside of the supermarket, that usually suck you into the "middle vortex" if you will.

Todays Recipes:

DOTERRA Wild Orange Vinaigrette:

doTERRA Coriander Sliced Chicken:

Kale Chips with DOTERRA Fennel and Pink Salt:

Chocolate drops with DoTERRA Wild Orange and Spearmint: 



Casey Pyle