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"Our intention creates our reality.  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." -Wayne dyer



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About Essential Oils

YES I use them. Essential oils are BUZZING right now!! I admit I LOVE how they make me feel, I use them everyday, for everything, because the do so much!  I teach others how I use them in my home to reduce chemical uses, how to cook with them, and now, how I share them everywhere. Don't understand what the fuss is all about?  

I am all about essential wellness!  It's what I Love to do! I am a 5-year essential oil educator and mentor in increasing your life, and I focus on having a TON of fun while doing it! 

Schedule a wellness consult or session with me to learn how to use essential oils for freedom of your body, mind, & spirit. You go there, and you'll never go back. Why?...because the best is yet to come. 



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